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New Source Review Timeline and Glossary

August 1, 2018


Clean Air Act Image with link to infographicThis graphic was originally published on ENR.com in August 2018.

Guidance for permitting under the Clean Air Act (CAA) New Source Review (NSR) program has been a challenge for large industrial facilities and power plants alike. Administered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), applicants find themselves waiting more than a year to receive their air permits, while frequently enduring costly challenges to their applications.

But to truly grasp the NSR program requires an understanding of its long historical past that dates back to the early 1960s. A time period of twists and turns of numerous rule revisions, interpretive policy and updated guidance that has stumped even those that would consider themselves technical experts.

In his article featured in the Engineering News-Record, Lou Corio breaks down the complexity of NSR in an easy-to-read infographic that shows a timeline of major legislative and regulatory milestones in the development of NSR and how the program has progressed to where it is today.

Along with the timeline is a glossary of terms that provide a quick reference to commonly used words in describing the NSR program.

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