Distributed Energy Resources

Distributed solar. Energy storage. Prime power. Small-scale combined heat and power (CHP). Electric vehicles. These distributed energy resources (DER) are transforming and disrupting the traditional energy market.

While these technologies aren’t new, their uses are evolving to fit specific customer needs. As a utility, institutional or facility manager, or commercial and industrial operator, you’re likely confronting the challenges that come with these changes.

Your plans, investments, operations and maintenance all require new approaches. POWER can help.

Diverse Technologies Expertise

We’ve worked with utility-scale technologies for over 40 years, engineering all components of the DER value chain. We’ll walk you through the challenges and opportunities presented by DER and assist you with a wide range of technologies, including:

Generation assets
Design engineering for a variety of power generation facilities.

Energy storage
Start-to-finish engineering for storage integration.

Distribution management
Secure, reliable design to meet load growth and increasing grid complexity.

Permitting and air quality analysis to guide planning and ensure compliance.

Asset management
Integrated solutions customized to help manage a variety of energy loads.

Risk assessment and mitigation strategies to protect vital assets.