Today, nearly every project requires a system or tool to manage project information and the many sources of data being generated throughout the project life-cycle. Having meaningful information at your fingertips reduces start-up time, speeds decision-making, minimizes delays and fosters business intelligence for long-range planning.

POWER360 brings all your project participants, disciplines and systems together to collaborate from one source of data. Our GIS-based tool provides a spatial view of your project portfolio, includes powerful dashboards and reports, and allows easy access from any mobile device, offline or online, at any time.


GIS allows you to map every aspect of your program/project from planning to close-out.

Mobile Data Collection

With access to POWER360 on any mobile deviceiOS, Android and Windowsyou can capture up-to-the-minute project data from the office and the field, from within your organization and from your contractors and suppliers.

Configurable, Modular Design

POWERs software as a service (SaaS) solution offers a flexible, modular design that is completely configurable to fit your project or program portfolio. UsePOWER360 your way. You select modules that fit your needs. Examples of modules include:

Program services (see list below) are available from anywhere in the application, for example, by clicking on a map location or selecting a document, chart or drawing in the library. POWER360 has the ability to presentyour data from the industrys best project management tools such as Primaveras P6.

Single Source of Trusted Data

With POWER360, you can view a map of access roads, a Gantt chart of the project schedule or engineering designsall on your iPad or tablet.

Robust reports include key performance indicator summaries, Gantt charts, cash flow, and much more to help you reduce risk and achieve your project goals. Your secured data is also available to affected stakeholders, improving communication and public acceptance.

Cloud-hosted and Secure

POWER360 delivers program information and applications over the Internetas a service. You simply subscribe to our web-based service, free from complex software and hardware management, to use POWER360 the way you want.

You can safely share project data using the highest security standards on Microsofts Azure Cloud hosting platform, which meets more than 25 international and industry cybersecurity standards.

Learn more about how to track your progress toward better productivity, more cost savings, and reduced risk.

Diverse Industry Experience

POWER has experience serving clients across a wide range of industries. We understand your project has its own unique challenges. Discover best practices and lessons learned from our team of project engineers, system engineers, strategic consultants and GIS specialists in these business areas.

Power Generation

With ever-increasing regulatory requirements, generation facilities need quick access to all their licenses, permits and, in some cases, expert testimony. POWER360 provides it all in one place for easy tracking and reporting. Plus, POWER has extensive experience in the energy industry. We can help you organize and manage your documents and data on any generation project.

Electric Transmission and Distribution

Power delivery projects are our core business. Whether overhead and underground transmission lines, substations or distribution services, POWER360 has helped utilities organize, manage and collaborate from initial routing to construction monitoring. Examples of ambitious program efforts include managing the construction of 1,000 miles of renewables, NERC and FERC regulatory documents, environmental permitting and public involvementPOWER360 is a tested and proven solution.

Gas Distribution and Inspections

For over 25 years, POWER has used GIS-based field collection applications on infrastructure projects like gas distribution systems. We understand the safety, risk management and regulatory reporting requirements. Involve us early on in your project. We can set up POWER360 to capture the right information for inspections and compliance reporting.

Government / Facilities

Federal, state and local government projects require an understanding of your mission and objectives, local regulations, facility planning and construction processes. From over 40 offices nationwide, POWER can bring knowledge and flexibility to your projectfrom engineering sustainable designs; environmental assessments; third-party reviews under federal and state statutes; environmental management of metropolitan sewer districts; and civil, structural, and mechanical design services.

A Range of Program Services

No matter your organizations industry, we help connect your teams with these important processes across projects.

Communication and Collaboration (SharePoint)

  • Document management
  • Co-authoring
  • Workflow automation
  • Notifications

Construction Management

  • Mobile data collection
  • Construction progress tracking
  • Field inspections and forms
  • Materials management status reporting


  • Public agency coordination
  • Routing
  • Permitting
  • Right-of-Way Access

Feasibility Studies

  • Public involvement
  • Geosciences

Operations and Maintenance

  • Engineering
  • Safety
  • Quality

Program / Project Management

  • Project life-cycle phases from start up to close out
  • Integration with project management tools such as Primaveras P6
  • Program and Project controls master plans; project schedules; earned value, cash flow, project variance reports, etc.; change management; and issue tracking

Risk Management

  • Project risk summary and status reporting
  • Financial analysis and reporting