Program Management

When faced with a capital program for new facilities or upgrades, managers are finding that the challenges are more complex than ever before. Project owners are turning to program management professionals to achieve their capital program needs.

With POWER, our clients receive a professional program manager with full-service resources in engineering, environmental and construction management to support management at every phase, from inception to commissioning. This means we can reduce time and cost by providing the supplemental services that our competitors typically outsource to subcontractors.

Our program management system is efficient and effective for the long-term. We maximize powerful tools and processes so we can right-size program staffing, resulting in a lean approach that lowers program costs. With our thorough risk management plan, we reduce risk systematically and increase certainty of success.


One of the most important features that makes POWER’s program management more effective than our competitors’ is our customizable, web-based application known as POWER360, which allows our clients to access and deploy all program information in one location. Take a look:

POWER360 works behind the scenes of your program, allowing up-to-date project information, milestone status and action-item requirements to be communicated consistently through every phase of a program. The system is flexible for each owner’s specific requirements while enabling control over user access to data.

Using POWER360, you can drill down to check on specific project details or drill up to get the big picture of a project’s status. Imagine seeing an overview plan of your entire project. With POWER360, you can select a specific component of your program – a particular structure or a needed access road – and see the most recent construction photos of that component. Or, you can select performance reports that provide an overall view of key performance indicators, general program health, key risks and opportunities and planned response actions.

On Top of it All, Every Step of the Way

While POWER360 is an extremely powerful tool, among many others that we use, the strength of POWER’s program management lies in our ability to mobilize effectively to develop and implement execution plans for every critical phase of a major program. These key phases are: