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POWER, OSIsoft enabling real time energy, water and wastewater asset management

August 2018

HAILEY, Idaho (August 15, 2018) ‒ POWER Engineers Incorporated (POWER) and OSIsoft have announced a partnership to help a broad range of industries including energy, water and wastewater utilities capture, organize and analyze massive amounts of information being collected by network and equipment sensors.

“Data management is increasingly seen as a necessity for modern asset management,” said Bart Koenig, POWER’s business unit director for Geospatial Asset Management. “It enables companies to increase reliability and lower costs for customers, and to provide a safer workplace for utility workers.”

Under the agreement, POWER will help OSIsoft customers integrate related systems across their enterprises. This includes OSIsoft’s PI System software, which serves up insights about operational performance and equipment health across many utility sectors. Engineers and operators alike can then make critical decisions based on these insights and track the results of their strategies.

“The PI System is basically an industrial Internet of Things platform, designed to capture data from sensors and devices and apply real-time analytics to spot trends and patterns,” Koenig said. “An integrated system allows users to operate in a prescriptive way rather than merely reacting to events that have already happened. Utilities and service providers are seeing the value of adding a geographic component to their real-time SCADA and analytical systems. The data is there, why not combine capabilities?”

As an expert in the utility industry, POWER has long been recognized as a technical resource to assist utilities in optimizing their systems. “POWER has proven expertise and tools for integrating the PI System,” Koenig said. “This allows utilities to focus on their core business and realize the full benefits of the PI System.”

The PI System is used by more than 1,000 leading utilities, including electric utilities, water and wastewater utilities, and large industrial water consumers. The PI system also is used by all the U.S. grid operators, hundreds of renewable power specialists and over 80 percent of the largest oil and gas companies. Worldwide, the PI System manages more than 2 billion sensor-based data streams monitoring the performance of energy assets.