17 MW Enel Stillwater CSP Solar/Geothermal Augmentation

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Client: ENEL
Location: Fallon, Nevada

POWER provided the detailed engineering services for this unique project to install a Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) system to heat a portion of the incoming brine to the Stillwater geothermal plant back to the original design temperature.  The CSP system consists of parabolic mirrors and utilizes demineralized water as the heat transfer fluid. POWER was the original design engineer for the Stillwater binary geothermal plant.

POWER was the engineer for initial feasibility and conceptual design studies, and was responsible for the definition of the two plants as “stick-built” binary plants using the organic Rankine cycle, with isobutane as the working fluid. After development and conceptual engineering was complete, POWER transitioned to the role of the engineer in the EPC development team with the construction contractor, The Industrial Company.