Central Utilities Control System Upgrade
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Client: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Obsolete control system for the Central Utilities Plant was migrated to a modern distributed control system (DCS). Plant control systems that were upgraded include: Combustion Control, Electric & Steam Chiller Control, Burner Management Interface, Cooling Tower Control, Balance-of-Plant Control Data Acquisition, Combustion Turbine Control Interface and Electrical Switchgear Control. POWER was selected as Owner’s Engineer/Commissioning Agent for the control system upgrade. POWER was responsible for the preparation of equipment and installation specifications, as well as planning the migration to the new control system. Based on the unique needs of the campus, POWER developed and implemented a plan to perform the migration in a staged manner so that the plant did not have to take a complete outage of their system. This allowed the Central Utilities Plant to provide a continuous supply of chilled water and steam to the campus. POWER’s work included the conceptual design, construction review and detailed migration planning.