Convenience Store Property Raze and Rebuild
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Client: Convenience Store Operator
Location: Ohio

When petroleum-impacted soils were discovered during the redevelopment of an existing commercial property, our team deployed several corrective measures as part of Bureau of Underground Storage Tank Regulations (BUSTR) Tier 1 and Tier 2 investigations. We helped the client achieve timely environmental compliance and meet tight project deadlines.

By completing over excavation of affected soils, we helped lessen the extent of additional BUSTR-required corrective actions. We installed soil borings and monitoring wells on- and off-site to gauge the magnitude of the petroleum release, and implemented appropriate corrective actions.

The property was then placed under an environmental covenant to restrict land use to non-residential purposes. Through use of fate and transport models, we established site-specific target levels for petroleum that aligned with the threshold for intended future land use.

The site was granted No Further Action (NFA) status and all financial transactions proceeded without incurring any potential costly changes or delays to the financing package.