Design Services and On-site Construction Support for a 70-Acre High Voltage Substation and Control Building

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Location: Northwestern US

POWER provided civil, structural and physical design for this client’s transmission project. Area growth rates were causing strain to electrical infrastructure and occasionally transmission capabilities reached full capacity. POWER assisted our client in planning and constructing facilities to improve overall reliability of the existing system. Greenfield substation design included a 500 kV yard and 8-bay, breaker and a half scheme designed to allow for series capacitors and stepped shunt reactors. The 230 kV yard is a 6-bay breaker and a half scheme design for a maximum of two 500/230 kV transformer banks and four transmission lines. Each transformer bay is designed for two 1000 MVA transformers. The substation will convert 500 kV electricity to 230 kV for transmission into the region. Civil design included site grading and a drainage system for the 70-acre site. Structural and physical design included the 500 kV tap line to interconnect the station with 20 miles of 230 kV transmission line. POWER designed a two-story, 12,000 sq. ft control building featuring energy-efficient lighting, foundation, steel and bus design. POWER also provided onsite construction management and support.