Eagle Medical Plaza

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Client: St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center
Location: Eagle, Idaho 


Our team provided design services for the new 69,000 square foot, two-story St. Luke’s Medical Plaza in Eagle, Idaho. This state-of-the-art facility provides services for urgent care, medical imaging (including an MRI unit), laboratory, OB-GYN, and outpatient rehabilitation services.

In addition to design services for the new facility, our team has since completed tenant improvement projects for many of the occupants.

Featured mechanical engineering services:

Mechanical scope included the design, specification and selection of the boiler heating systems, chilled/process water cooling systems, HVAC and specialized variable air volume (VAV) air handling systems, cryogen vent systems, snow melt systems, diesel fuel storage/handling systems and plumbing/medical gas systems.

We also designed the additional emergency chilled water and critical process cooling systems required for the facilities MRI unit which incorporated a stand-alone chiller totally isolated for MRI use. Our team provided submittal reviews and onsite construction support for these systems.

The selection and specification of the mechanical systems focused on LEED criteria (although LEED certification was not pursued) in which St. Luke’s was able to receive a $49K Idaho Power Energy Incentive.

With two additional future phases planned, POWER was also tasked with the responsibility of planning for and providing future capacity on each mechanical system as well as phased construction. The specialized VAV control systems were designed to continually exceed or provide minimum air changes depending on the space function, sensible cooling loads and pressurization requirements. 

To further “mechanically” remedy infectious control issues, air handlers were selected with IAQ drain pans, MERV14 final filters and programmed to provide a nightly building flush while the facility is unoccupied. A ducted return system was also employed as well as constant volume ventilation for critical spaces. The mechanical room housed high efficiency condensing boilers, which can produce operating efficiencies up to 98%.