Existing Freezer Lighting System Conversion to Energy-Saving LED Lighting

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Location: Western US

POWER was hired to provide electrical engineering and construction support for a one-to-one replacement of existing 400 watt HID light fixtures with LED lights.  The project was completed in a freezer at with the goal of providing cost-savings and energy efficient lighting. 

Because of POWER’s effort, our client has seen a reduction in their kilowatt usage and received a rebate from the power company for their energy usage reduction.

POWER’s role was to provide on-site data collection to document the existing lighting systems which included general arrangement and mounting heights, types and quantities, foot-candle levels at the floor, electrical panel schedules and connected load data relevant to the selected areas. POWER also provided the PLC design and programming/commissioning for the new LED high-bay lighting. The design included general arrangement and mounting heights, circuit layouts, mounting details, and lighting panel schedules using photometric data.  POWER also provided the design for a permanent, real-time, logged data metering solution to be integrated into the plant’s MMS and WonderWare systems.  This included power meters, and individual light fixture statistical data about cycle times and frequency.  The new lighting power panels were metered using ION 7350’s.