Greenfield: Nutritional Supplement Extraction Facility

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Our client needed to relocate their entire production facility to a different state, as the existing facility was land-locked and did not allow them to expand their production capabilities.

Working with a design-build general contractor, POWER provided both preliminary and detailed final engineering services for this 41,595 square foot greenfield nutritional ingredient extraction facility. The completed processing plant is owned by a multi-national company that specializes in health and beauty nutritional supplements.

With the new building, the plant’s layout and process flows have been greatly improved, new technologies have been incorporated allowing for higher concentrations of ingredient materials to be captured, and our client has been able to introduce new products to market. Additionally, the new location is in close proximity to a certified organic herb farm where raw product ingredients are grown for use in the nutritional ingredient extraction and concentration operation. The plant produces various herbal powders, which are loaded into drums and super-sacks, and then shipped to other facilities for final processing.


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