Ongoing Distribution Services Support

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Client: Rural Electric Cooperative
Location: Arizona

Since 2001, POWER Engineers has helped this electric cooperative keep pace with the power demands of its fast-growing service area by providing engineering, testing and maintenance services for numerous system upgrade and expansion projects. POWER’s work has consisted primarily of substation and SCADA design and testing.


POWER has provided electrical, physical and civil design services for several distribution substations. Design services range from greenfield substations, to retrofitting existing facilities, to expansion of existing stations, and include the redesign of a mobile substation protection system. Voltages range from 69 kV high side to 24.9 kV and 12.47 kV low side with capacities in the 20-40 MVA range. POWER also has provided relay settings, testing/commissioning and energization support for these projects.


POWER designed and implemented SCADA systems for three of this utility’s 69 kV substations. All station I/O was collected using intelligent relays and meters with the data concentrated in a NovaTech Orion RTU. The information was then served up to a master station over a MAS radio system. Additionally, the Orion application was used to create capacitor control routines. POWER’s services included SCADA design, equipment specification, system configuration and testing and commissioning.