Refinery Power System Upgrades

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Client: Independent Oil Refiner
Location: USA

A leading petroleum products refiner engaged POWER Engineers to perform a study of the electrical system at one of its refineries to find causes and solutions for disruptive power outages. POWER’s troubleshooting and analysis uncovered numerous problems at the aging station – including old and/or burned equipment, underground obstacles, and undocumented wiring – and our client contracted POWER to design a replacement substation.

POWER was responsible for the detailed physical, relaying and control design, construction support and acceptance testing for the new 46 kV substation and 15 kV switchgear at the refinery as well as for replacement of the relaying and 46 kV breaker at the interconnecting substation adjacent to the connecting utility’s 138 kV yard.

The POWER team overcame significant challenges on this fast-track project. Due to long lead times, certain equipment was ordered before the design was complete, and reprogrammed in the field. To accommodate the site’s long, narrow footprint, POWER came up with an unconventional linear design. Finally, the team accomplished the cutover to the new system within a tight, four-hour outage period to minimize production downtime. In all, POWER provided extensive on-site support for three weeks during the cutover period.

State-of-the-art SCADA upgrade

New SCADA and protection panels were added to the existing interconnect station, to the existing 5 kV distribution station and into the existing cogeneration control house. This resulted in a state-of-the art refinery-wide SCADA system.

Connection to the grid

The final step of the project involved connecting and synchronizing the refiner’s 30 MVA cogeneration unit to the local utility grid. This involved complicated interface with the existing 15 kV switchgear and included replacement of the synchronizing scheme with a multi-source synchronizing system.