Talega Substation STATCOM, ±110 MVAR

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Client: San Diego Gas & Electric
Location: San Diego, California, USA

POWER Engineers provided engineering services for a new STATCOM at the Talega Substation. San Diego Gas & Electric’s project consisted of three 138-3.2 kV, 55 MVA transformers, eight 3.2 kV gate commutated thyristor (GCT) inverters, three harmonic filters, a closed loop cooling system and three 230 kV, 69 MVAR shunt capacitor banks.

Current limiting reactors were used to reduce the fault current from 106 kA to less than 40 kA for the inverter switchgear breakers. Low voltage (3.2 kV) bussing was rated at 10,000 amps continuous. The current limiting reactors and harmonic filters were placed within sound reduction enclosures because the current-limiting reactors emitted 85 decibels due to harmonics. The redundant cooling system used distilled water and was rated 925 kW.

POWER Engineers was responsible for all civil, structural and outdoor physical and electrical designs as well as protection and wiring of the 230 kV capacitors and breakers, 138-3.2 kV power transformers, 3.2 kV harmonic filters, DFR, RTU and wiring to Mitsubishi inverter equipment.

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