USTDA-Funded Study Supports Morocco’s Renewable Energy Goals
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Client: Société Nationale du Transport et de la Logistique (SNTL)
Location: Mohammedia, Morocco

POWER provided a feasibility study report for a 1.5 MW Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Pilot Power Plant in Mohammedia, Morocco. The plant was intended to be constructed on the roof of a large warehouse uses by a quasi-governmental logistics agency (SNTL). POWER also conducted site visits to two other future construction sites in Morocco to assess their feasibility for solar PV rooftop generation.

The report provided key technical, financial and developmental information. The report is intended to reduce Moroccan dependency on foreign energy sources, and includes technical recommendations, funding recommendations, preliminary engineering plans, and a draft request for proposal. It also includes estimates of operation and maintenance costs, and an exploration of the feasibility of using generated power to charge electric vehicles. Solar PV technology selection and procurement of equipment and material were also components of the final study.

Based on POWER’s assessment of the project and analysis of local electricity tariff rates, the project is expected to be funded and constructed. POWER’s team also conducted financial analysis of SNTL’s balance sheet, and met with several funding agencies to develop recommendations for project funding and execution.

Based on POWER’s study, SNTL moved forward with plans for construction.