EUCI Transmission Upgrades and Reconductoring Conference 2019

South Plainfield, New Jersey

October 1-2, 2019

Aging electric utilities infrastructure and a growing focus on renewable energy and DERs headline the list of challenges facing utilities companies today. Because of these challenges, research into new technologies and strategies to make use of existing rights-of-way have become more important than ever. The EUCI Transmission Upgrades and Reconductoring Conference in South Plainfield, NJ is an opportunity for industry professionals to come together and work together to continue to innovate.

In addition to sponsoring the conference, POWER’s own Elizabeth Swain, Kathy Garrard, and Jonathan Bell will be contributing to this conversation with their workshop on “Communication Strategies and Tools for Abutters in Existing Rights-of-Way”. They will focus on the unique challenges associated with reusing existing rights-of-way and will provide proven tools and outreach strategies to support your next project.

If you haven’t registered yet, check out the conference website to sign up; we are looking forward to seeing you there! Until then, head on over to our stakeholder communications page to learn more about how our team can work to keep your projects on track.