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Industrial Wastewater Treatment Flowchart and Glossary

February 1, 2019

The proper treatment of wastewater from processing and manufacturing facilities, such as food and beverage and consumer products as well as heavy industry, requires an understanding of your wastewater discharge.

In his feature article in POWER Environmental’s Currents newsletter, Senior Project Engineer John Wentz promotes a proactive approach for evaluating an industrial wastewater treatment system to maintain compliance with wastewater treatment standards. He explains that following the regulations and permitting requirements that apply to your wastewater discharge ultimately depends on the wastewater destination.

This flowchart helps explain the wastewater treatment process. Follow this visual guide as it leads you from the raw materials and supplies entering the production facility to the final direct discharge back into the environment and the treatment processes in between.

Along with the flowchart is a glossary of terms that provide a quick reference on the different discharge and user classifications of a wastewater treatment facility.

Download the guide or click on the graphic!