Microgrid Protective Relaying

Your microgrid deserves protection.

POWER’s team understands the value of your electrical service and your investment. Protecting your system includes carefully studying fault conditions in both parallel and islanded operating modes, then thoughtfully applying and coordinating protective relays and their elements.

Understanding the dynamic performance of microgrid energy sources and loads is critical to protecting your system. Our experts study the expected performance of your microgrid using a range of electrical modeling software.

With a clear picture of your system, we can coordinate devices to clear faults rapidly and precisely. You are able to maintain the highest possible service availability for critical loads. Your microgrid stays protected whether you’re operating in parallel with the utility grid or islanded from it or during a black start.

When you turn to POWER, you gain engineering solutions that meet your unique operational goals using the best sensitivity, selectivity, control and security features found in today’s devices. You make the most of your system’s performance.