SCADA Interface

Accurate and reliable information displayed clearly and immediately is critical to your microgrid operation.

You can count on POWER Engineers to design SCADA systems tailored to your equipment’s capabilities and operating needs. We deliver integrated SCADA systems that collect the data and provide the controls you need for routine and emergency microgrid operation.

You not only gain information about your microgrid’s condition in real time, you also attain a system that works efficiently and reliably with the larger utility. You acquire the ability to securely control microgrid equipment from a central site or, if you prefer, a remote location.

POWER begins each SCADA project with a clear understanding of your microgrid system. Our experts work with you to gain a firm knowledge of your needs and ultimate goals. We help you take advantage of today’s technology in a system that’s right for you.

You gain a strategy that provides a best-value solution to integrate your information systems in a secure, reliable, robust and controllable operation.

SCADA services