Routing, Siting, Planning & Feasibility

Successful projects require strong planning and preparation from the outset. Involve POWER’s team of routing, siting, planning and feasibility experts early on to help you anticipate challenges and develop timely, cost-efficient project plans.

With more than 40 years of service to electric utility providers, oil and gas transportation companies, power generation firms, energy developers and government entities nationwide, our industry-leading technical and regulatory experts can test and validate the feasibility of your next endeavor.

We lay the groundwork for a successful project by establishing a project purpose and need, selecting a site, weighing constraints and alternatives, and demonstrating the value of the project to stakeholders.

Ultimately, we help you strike the balance between the urgency to implement your project with the need to ensure long-lasting, environmentally compliant operations.

Routing, Siting, Planning and Feasibility Services