3D Design Services

POWER Engineers has been utilizing Plant Design software tools for decades when engineering power plant facilities. Our current system of choice for complete integrated plant design is the SmartPlant suite of products by Intergraph through multi office collaboration work sharing. The SmartPlant suite includes all of the modules necessary including:

Use of the SmartPlant suite of products by all disciplines enhances the coordination of designs and allows accurate data transfer between disciplines. Work share permits on-line, real time collaboration permitting effective multi-office project execution.

While 3D modeling is recognized as the tool of choice by the power generation industry, some clients prefer to use other 3D modeling applications. For these clients, POWER Engineers has successfully used the following either in stand-alone fashion or in conjunction with the above SmartPlant tools:

POWER Engineers maintains a CAE group charged with supporting our CAE systems, keeping-up-to-date with the latest technology developments, training our staff and configuring “out-of-the box” software for our use. POWER can produce final deliverables in several formats to suit client standards.