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New Headquarters Building

January 2007

HAILEY, IDAHO – Near the end of 2006, forty happy employees of POWER Engineers in Hailey, Idaho, moved, whistling cheerily, into a new steel-and-block office building at the POWER headquarters campus in a stylish industrial park at the base of the foothills of the Pioneer Mountains.

The new building was designed and built to facilitate additional stories, resulting, for the time being, in a stair-and-landing feature which ends abruptly in a shin-banging ladder and roof hatch. By the cheery residents of the new building, this is fondly called “The Stairway to Nowhere.”The new 27,000square foot office and design facility – a basement and a main floor – is a major expansion of the POWER engineering empire based in Hailey. POWER long ago outgrew its 1989 30,000-square foot flagship office building a few feet south of the new building, and had housed many overflow employees for over a decade in a pre-manufactured building now vacant.

The new building was, of course, designed by POWER’s own architects and engineers. It incorporates a number of the kinds of things that POWER routinely specifies for others: motion-sensitive lighting, toupee-lifting ventilation, robotic restroom features that squirt and flush as if directed by an invisible conductor’s baton, airlock entries, HVAC systems with economizers and recuperators, and demure dark-sky-sensitive outdoor lighting equipped with high-powered moth blasters. 

Most prominently, the new building features a vast basement vault –approximately 7,000 square feet of secure and formidably protected space – for safe, fireproof storage of project documents. The other half of the basement level is presently the domain of POWER’s professional “vault guardians” that await the arrival of other immigrants from across the sidewalk. This side of the basement is akind of daylight basement with a deep and impressive light moat – fondly named The Dave Plunge Pit, after a beloved T&D engineer known to walk erratically at times – excavated outside the windows.

The new building is expected to ultimately house approximately 110 employees.

About POWER Engineers

POWER Engineers is a consulting engineering firm specializing in energy, facilities, and communications.  Founded in 1976, POWER Engineers is an employee-owned company with offices throughout the United States and abroad.