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New tool helps utilities improve integrations with Esri’s Utility Network

July 2020

HAILEY, Idaho (July 9, 2020) ‒ A new extractor tool is now available to help utilities better integrate their third-party applications with Esri’s Utility Network, making operations more efficient than ever.

The tool, called POWER Network Extractor, helps utilities simplify and streamline integrations, especially among applications not yet interfaced with the Utility Network. The tool was developed by consulting engineering firm POWER Engineers to address some of the obstacles they saw their clients face when beginning the process of upgrading to the Utility Network.

“Having the ability to walk through Esri’s Utility Network and extract by certain subnetworks such as electrical feeders is the key to providing the data necessary to run planning, analysis and distribution operations systems,” said Larry Wilke, a strategic consultant for POWER’s geospatial and asset management team. “Without this tool, there had been a reluctance to migrate to the new Esri Utility Network platform. This will allow our clients to move forward even with highly technical integrations like their advanced distribution management systems, or ADMS.”

Currently, the POWER Network Extractor allows utilities to integrate an electrical Utility Network with Milsoft’s WindMil® and DisSPatch applications. Soon, the POWER Network Extractor will allow utilities to integrate with any system requiring an interface with a Utility Network Topology. Examples include Synergi™ Electric, Synergi™ Gas, CYMDIST, OSI Spectra™, WaterGEMS® and SewerGEMS®. The tool is based on Esri’s geoprocessing technology.

“The Utility Network is the foundation for building user-focused solutions across core drivers such as safety, reliability, customer service, asset management, or even innovation,” said Remi Myers, Utility Network Product Manager at Esri. “It’s really exciting for me to see the progress that POWER Engineers has made not only with the foundation of the Utility Network but building that integration out to engineering analysis tools such as Milsoft’s WindMil®.”

POWER’s geospatial and asset management group provides experience with industry-leading technologies and a wide range of solutions for electric, gas and water utilities, as well as municipal governments and telecommunication companies.

About POWER Engineers: POWER Engineers is a global consulting engineering firm specializing in the delivery of integrated solutions for energy, food and beverage facilities, environmental and federal markets. POWER Engineers offers complete multidiscipline engineering and program management services. Founded in 1976, it is an employee-owned company with 45 offices and more than 2,700 employees throughout the United States and abroad.

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