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POWER Engineers Acquires Boise Visualization Technology Firm

May 2008

BOISE, IDAHO – POWER Engineers has acquired Visual Genesis, a leading visualization technology firm in Boise, Idaho. Visual Genesis specializes in providing original visual solutions and is dedicated to the understanding, analysis and public education of complex information. Photo simulations and interactive videos are generated to bridge communication gaps by creating visual images of proposed buildings, roads, power transmission and generation facilities, or infrastructure. The process aids in explaining potential impacts in environmental siting, urban planning and engineering projects.  

This acquisition will broaden POWER Engineers’ skill set with the ability to provide innovative visualization technology services to worldwide clientele. 3D modeling, animation and visual presentations will enhance POWER’s existing services including public outreach and involvement, permitting support, engineering analysis, and high level mapping.

The Visual Genesis team supplements POWER’s staff with expertise in visualization technology for resource management plans, transportation plans, environmental assessments, environmental impact assessments, visual analysis and long-range planning. Included among recent projects is the creation of a 3D model of downtown Boise, which provided a forum for visual interpretation of potential developmental impacts. Visual Genesis’ client base also includes city and municipal development agencies, energy producers and developers, governmental agencies, and environmental planners.

“The environmental planning and permitting industry is experiencing major growth opportunities with the large amount of infrastructure replacement forecast. The growth of POWER’s environmental planning services is a result of this strong project demand. The acquisition of Visual Genesis enhances the services we offer to our clients and helps position POWER as a technological leader,” said Vice President Bill Eisinger.

POWER Engineers currently provides engineering and environmental consulting services from 21 offices in the U.S and abroad in the sectors of energy, facilities and communications.

“While we have been approached by other companies in the past, we chose POWER Engineers because of their leadership, vision and dedication to cutting-edge technology. While the Visual Genesis name has changed, our devotion and passion surrounding visualization technology has not. The acquisition will provide the ability to explore areas of visualization we have always dreamed of, but lacked the time, resources and staff to deliver,” said Jason Pfaff, former CEO of Visual Genesis and current Department Manager of POWER’s Visual Services Group.

Visual Genesis staff will join POWER’s Environmental Services Group as the new Visual Services Department. Visual Genesis has worked throughout the U.S. with a variety of clients in the industrial, environmental, planning and litigation sectors.

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POWER Engineers is a consulting engineering firm specializing in energy, facilities, and communications.  Founded in 1976, POWER Engineers is an employee-owned company with offices throughout the United States and abroad.