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POWER360® upgrade cuts software costs, increases security

March 2017

HAILEY, Idaho (March 2, 2017) — POWER Engineers Incorporated (POWER) has launched the latest version of its robust project management tool. POWER360® reduces software costs and increases data security as well as strengthens the ability of utility, generation and telecommunication managers to oversee critical infrastructure projects.

POWER360 enables teams, contractors, public agencies and other stakeholders to make informed decisions because they can access a single source of accurate information faster.

“From multi-year transmission and distribution programs to outage coordination, our clients have found POWER360 to be the right tool to effectively manage their most complex projects,” said Randy Grass, POWER’s vice president of the Power Delivery Production Division. “POWER360 gives them an improved ability to meet budgets and deadlines.”

POWER’s utility and developer clients have been using earlier versions of POWER360 on major transmission line and grid modernization programs since 2012. POWER360 is a flexible tool that can be adapted for any type of infrastructure project.

Tim Shiffer, POWER’s department manager responsible for the POWER360 Software as a Service upgrade, said, “We continue to invest in POWER360 to provide a platform that allows our clients to have data at their fingertips to make more informed planning and business decisions.”

To keep data safe, POWER360 uses Microsoft’s Azure Cloud hosting platform, which meets more than 25 international and industry compliance standards including ISO 27001.

To learn more about the many new features of POWER360 and how they can benefit you, contact Tim Shiffer at (208) 288-6202 or