150 MW El Centro Unit 3 Repower

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Client: Imperial Irrigation District
Location: California

POWER was the Owners Engineer (OE) for the Imperial Irrigation District on a project involving repowering the El Centro Generating Station Unit 3 through replacement of the 1957-era Unit 3 gas-fired boiler.  The project eventually evolved into a completely new combined cycle unit with POWER supporting the development of the project and providing OE services during construction.  The combined cycle power plant was ultimately based upon a 2 x 1 configuration of Siemens SGT-800 Dry Low NOx gas turbines, HRSGs, and a Siemens SST-600 steam turbine fired by natural gas. The Siemens equipment was chosen because of its high efficiency, load following capability and ability to achieve low NOx emissions without a requirement for steam or demineralized water injection, reducing the cost and complexity of the plant and conserving water. The HRSGs were equipped with an SCR and CO catalyst to reduce NOx and CO emissions.  

POWER’s scope included complete project management during the development phase of the project.  This included permitting, negotiating equipment agreements, developing a bid package with 30% design, pre-qualifying contractors, bidding and evaluation.  POWER’s scope also included OE services during the construction of the project. This included review of both the Siemens power island (PEI) equipment and design packages, along with the EPC contractor’s balance of plant (BOP) equipment and design packages. The project was successfully commissioned in 2012.