345 kV Substation Testing - Midwestern US

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Location: Midwestern US

As part of a transmission system expansion and upgrade in its Midwest region, our client constructed two new transmission lines and three 345 kV substations that needed to be energized in a coordinated sequence to meet the utility’s summer in-service target. POWER mobilized testing crews and equipment to the area and developed a testing and commissioning plan that coordinated with the different station construction schedules. The plan enabled crews to energize the stations in sequence with minimal disruption to the interconnecting transmission systems. POWER performed acceptance testing, commissioning and energization services and represented the client in coordination with the numerous parties involved.

Equipment tested included 345 kV breakers, 345 kV disconnect switches, CTs, 345 kV wave trap single and double frequencies, CCVTs, SEL relays (351S, 551, 421-5, 587Z, 387E) and relay end-to-end testing.

Overall, the project’s two 345/230 kV substations and new 345/138 kV substation provide interconnections to the transmission systems of four regional utilities. POWER coordinated closely with all the connecting utilities as well as with two substation construction contractors, our client and our client’s program manager to allow a seamless integration of the new facilities into the regional grid while maintaining service to customers.