545 MW Valladolid III Energy Center

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Client: Toshiba International Corporation
Location: Valladolid, Mexico

The Valladolid III Energy Center Project is a 545 MW (net) combined cycle facility located in Valladolid, Mexico. The plant configuration is 2×1 and the combustion turbines are General Electric 7FAs. The HRSGs are Nooter/Eriksen and the Steam Turbine and condenser is by Toshiba.

POWER Engineers provided engineering support to relocate the two (2) GE 7FA gas turbines from a site in Augusta, Georgia, to the Valladolid, Mexico site. POWER was actively involved in working with General Electric to recertify the gas turbines for the new project location design conditions and codes. In addition, POWER was able to reuse much of the plant engineering due to similar plant conditions.