Calpine, 80 MW Bethpage III Combined Cycle Plant
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Client: Calpine Corporation
Location: New York

POWER provided engineering for a new, clean-burning combined cycle plant in Long Island. The 80 MW Bethpage III combined cycle plant has an LM6000 Gas Turbine and a once-through heat recovery boiler. The plant supplies power to the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) under a long-term supply agreement. POWER’s services include EPC bid development support to Calpine, full detailed design, DCS system specification and design (involving 900 hard-wired I/O points and 800 serial I/O points), expediting for Balance of Plant materials, field engineering during construction and acceptance and start up support.

POWER’s scope for the Bethpage III project involves fast-track engineering and construction support for installation of a gas-fired LM 6000PC Sprint combustion turbine, SCR system, the OTSG, all BOP and auxiliaries, and interconnections.