Akiira One Geothermal Development Pre-Feasibility Study

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Client: Akiira One Geothermal Company, Ltd.
Location: Kenya

POWER is conducting a pre-feasibility study to determine the technical requirements for the proposed Akiira One Geothermal Power Project in Kenya. The study is for an independent power producer, Akiira One Geothermal Company, Ltd. (Akiira One), which holds development rights at the Akiira geothermal site at the southern end of the Olkaria geothermal resource area within the East African Rift Valley. The study will provide Akiira One with recommendations on the appropriate technologies for developing the site. It will establish preliminary EPC specifications to determine a preliminary cost of the project, review the technical assumptions used in the Akiira One financial model, and evaluate the transmission interconnection requirements. POWER will coordinate the EPC tendering process when the projects moves forward to the installation phase.

Because specific Akiira resource characteristics are unknown, POWER is considering a range of resource conditions based on similar developments along the Rift Valley, particularly at the Olkaria Dome resource area. The study assumes a 35 MW condensing steam plant using flash technologies as employed at the Olkaria resource. The Akiira project is one of several being considered for development by the Ministry of Energy’s Geothermal Development Company with a goal of providing 5,000 MW of new power through geothermal generation along the Rift Valley in public-private contracting arrangements.