Brookhaven National Laboratory Site Assessment of Ten-Year Utility Needs

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POWER Engineers has completed a site assessment of Brookhaven National Laboratories central steam, chilled water, electric distribution, and water/wastewater systems. POWER’s assessment was utilized to determine the infrastructure needs of each utility over the next 10 years. POWER’s analysis of the current infrastructure includes the current condition of equipment; age/expected life of equipment, utilization, ability to support future requirements and demands, and the geographic location of assets on BNL’s site and their location suitability to meet future needs. Each utility’s capacity was determined and compared to the expected facilities growth in the next decade. The facilities estimated growth in the next 10 years includes an electric demand growing from 45 MW to 90 MW, and a chilled water capacity demand of 6,500 tons to 11,500 tons.

POWER’s final report included recommended projects for each utility in order to meet the utility demands of the facility over the next ten years. These recommendations include the expenditures and projects needed to ensure reliability, promote conservation and safety, maintain sustainability, and to maintain a state of the art utility operation. The report will assess the operational history including identifying any existing problems, the capacity versus actual demand, any reliability issues, existing work-arounds, gap analyses, conformance to current operating codes and regulations, and EH&S issues. The recommendations will include a review of capital renewal, expansion of service capabilities, future requirements, and integration with other laboratory plans and initiatives.

POWER will provide an estimate to implement every recommendation. Cost estimates for proposed projects or repairs shall be based on current estimating data (R.S. Means, etc.), actual vendor or contractor quotations, current BNL or consultant experience.

Finally all recommendations will be prioritized and include justifications.  The prioritized list will show the recommendation and its priority within its utility category and across all utility categories.

The project team also completed a detailed feasibility study on the application of a 90MW combined cycle CHP plant to provide steam to the campus utilities.