Canning Facility Due Diligence Assessment and Sanitary Evaluation

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Location: Midwestern US

POWER was hired by a capital investment company to perform a due diligence assessment of a 135,000 square foot bean canning facility comprised of five buildings. The facility processed and canned beans for private labels using a hydrostatic cooker. Our team provided a third-party review of plant assets, including the process and packaging equipment, the building, and the overall investment potential. Equipment and processes assessed included bean handling, bean washing, filling, labeling, continuous hydrostatic cooking, case packing, and palletizing systems. POWER’s team also provided a sanitary assessment of the building, recommended additional products that could be processed using existing equipment, and identified ways in which the facility could potentially increase line efficiencies and further build business. After the on-site assessment was complete, POWER provided our client with a summary report outlining our findings for use in evaluating the facility as a potential investment opportunity.