Central Valley Electric SCADA System

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Client: Central Valley Electric Cooperative
Location: New Mexico, USA

POWER Engineers provided a new SCADA system to replace the existing 17 substation system at Central Valley Electric Cooperative.  The new system incorporated a number of different technologies with dissimilar communication protocols into one workable solution.  POWER Engineers’ expertise with the various pieces of equipment, understanding of communication protocols, and SCADA system knowledge made it possible for this project to be completed efficiently and smoothly.

The new system components included a Survalent Technologies master on a Windows 2003 operating system communicating to Survalent Scout RTUs or SEL-2032s over a wireless ethernet system.  DNP 3.0 was the protocol of choice between the RTUs and Master and RTU to IEDs.  However, Modbus and 2179 were used where necessary.  The IEDs consisted of Siemens MJ-XL ICMI UVR-1 regulator controllers, Beckwith 2001C tap controller, SEL relays, ABB 2000R relays, Satec and Bitronics meters and an A/B SLC 5/03 PLC.  Most of the important parameters of the system are available from the substation through the master station interface giving Central Valley Electric the ability to see events when they happen and log system data on a 24-hour basis.

In addition to design, POWER Engineers provided all SCADA programming, commissioning and training services for the complete system.  Furthermore, in order to minimize the troubleshooting effort during the field commissioning, POWER Engineers performed a simulated SCADA system test in our lab prior to commissioning activities.