Escanaba 1 Hydroelectric Station Due Diligence

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Client: Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Partners LC
Location: Michigan

A team from POWER Engineers performed a due diligence review of the Escanaba 1 Hydroelectric Station near Gladstone, Michigan, as part of an Independent Engineering assignment for the acquisition of the hydroelectric facility and the local utility. The due diligence included a conditions assessment, an environmental compliance and FERC licensing review, and OpEx and CapEx assessments. The purchaser was a U.K.-based infrastructure investment fund.

The facility was built in 1907 as a run-of-the-river installation and is located on the Escanaba River, a tributary to Lake Michigan. Its principle features include a dam and a powerhouse with an integral intake. The powerhouse contains three vertical-axis Francis-type generating units capable of producing 1.6 MW of power and operates at a head range of 30 feet.