Four Optical Fiber Process Facilities

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Lucent Technologies contracted POWER to provide complete A/E designs and construction support for four optical fiber process facilities. The UTD (Ultra Tall Draw) projects, located at Lucent’s Atlanta facility in Norcross, Georgia, are the heart of the optical fiber production process; where hair-like strands of optical fiber are vertically drawn from glass preform rods.

UTD I, a seven-level, 90-foot tall process facility, was designed as a Class 10,000 facility. On this first UTD project, POWER initiated new Lucent cleanroom design standards to optimize economy and functionality. The tower enclosures – four 4’ x 4’ spaces running vertically down through numerous levels of the facility, and each sporting its own draw tool – are Class 1,000 spaces, made possible by the application of mini-environment technology. UTD I uses eighteen 35,000 cfm air handlers and thousands of HEPA filters. Temperature and humidity control require 1,250 tons of chilled water.

UTD II and UTD 3, eight-level, 115-foot tall process facilities, were designed as Class 100,000 facilities, with the exception of one key level designed to Class 10,000. The cleanroom design standards developed during UTD I were further refined during UTD II and UTD 3. The same mini-environment concept was used for the tower enclosures, which have the same four-tool configuration as UTD I, thus achieving a Class 1,000 environment for the actual fiber draw process areas, even though the outer envelope is Class 100,000.

POWER completed Schematic Design for the fourth expansion and final design for UTD 4. This portion of the work included a 60-foot tall draw tower including 8 towers and 16 machines. Facility requirements are similar to previous UTD modules, with notable deviations from UTD 3. In lieu of solid decking existing in UTD 3, UTD 4 includes an open architecture concept, eliminating several floors and utilizing catwalk-type access to the machines. Additionally, utilities are supplied to the facility via a utility bridge connecting the East Facility Connector to UTD 4.

The process in all UTD facilities involves the use of numerous process gases and fluids. POWER designed complex High Purity and Clean for Oxygen Service process piping systems to deliver process chemicals and gases to point-of-use within the draw facilities. Other design features, systems and services by POWER include:

The four UTD facilities comprise more than 500,000 square feet at an estimated constructed cost (not including process tools) of more than $140 million.