Managing Risk; Keeping Control

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Managing Risk; Keeping Control

We begin by detailing the overall purpose of your program. With the basic organization established, we provide a detailed scope of the program broken down by project and how the various projects will interface. From this inception point, to close-out, the Program Management component provides:

Risk Management

The difference between managing a program successfully on time and within budget versus one that requires constant battling over delays and cost overruns is directly related to how well a program’s risk is managed. POWER’s approach to risk management is an organized process of identifying, assessing and prioritizing risks, developing risk mitigation, contingency and recovery plans, and continually monitoring the effectiveness of those plans as they are executed.

To address risks, we develop a combination of risk reduction techniques such as risk avoidance (modifying the design to a low-risk solution), risk mitigation (advance development, parallel paths), and contingency plans (which are typically more extensive and require executive direction).

Program Controls

At its core, program controls basically answers two fundamental questions that every manager wants to know: How much will it cost and how long will it take? We use proven systems and powerful tools, such as Primavera P6 and Contract Management, to create comprehensive, easy-to-read summary reports and earned value analyses that show a program’s current status and its projected path – both in terms of cash flow analysis and actual project progress. In short, our approach accurately answers how much and how long. We provide:

Project Controls 

To get an accurate answer to “how much and how long” at the program level requires effective controls at the project level. We apply our same powerful tools and processes for program control at the detailed project level. As a result, the program’s individual project managers receive the specific detail they need to manage their work effectively and efficiently. Meanwhile, the details of the project-level controls feed into the overall program controls. Our Project Controls approach includes: