Manufacturing Plant Med. Voltage Substation, Switchgear, and Distribution Upgrade

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Based on our client’s internal equipment maintenance records and analysis, it was determined that their existing primary power transformer, underground feeder cables, and 15KV switchgear equipment had an estimated one to two years of service life remaining, were no longer repairable and would need replacing. POWER was asked to provide Total Project Execution (TPE) services for a new 69KV-12.4KV substation and switchgear upgrade.

We provided design, onsite project management and procurement assistance for the purchase of five new 12.4KV feeder circuits from the new substation to the production facility, boiler room, administration building, and a spare emergency generator breaker in case of a system failure. The switchgear also provided station service for relay power, cubicle and yard lighting. Construction administration services were also provided for oversight of the equipment installation.



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