NEEWS Transmission Upgrade Program

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Client: National Grid
Location: New England, USA

The New England East-West Solution is a major high-voltage transmission network upgrade program involving 345 kV and 115 kV facilities in several New England states. The program aims to improve overall reliability in the region by eliminating potential overloads and improving power flows across system interfaces. POWER Engineers is providing owner’s engineering services for National Grid’s projects in Massachusetts and Rhode Island: the Advanced NEEWS Projects, the Rhode Island Reliability Projects and the Interstate Reliability Projects. These projects include three new 345 kV single circuit transmission lines (approximately 20 miles each), rebuilds of existing 345 kV and 115 kV lines, new 115 kV taps to multiple substations, expansions and modifications to two existing 345/115 kV substations, a new 345 kV GIS substation, a new 345/115 kV AIS substation, and upgrades to several 115 kV and 345 kV substations. The transmission line structure types are a combination of self-supporting tubular steel single pole on caisson foundations, direct-embedded tubular steel pole H-frame, and self-supporting tubular steel pole H-frame on caisson foundations. Included with the design of the new and rebuilt circuits is the installation of more than 70 miles of new, 48-fiber optical ground wire (OPGW).

POWER is working closely with National Grid on this critical and complex program. In addition to engineering services, POWER is providing support in the areas of procurement, environmental compliance, permitting, construction coordination, outage planning, commissioning and document management. The Advanced Projects—a group of projects being expedited to prevent overloads on the existing system while major projects are being constructed–as well as the Rhode Island Reliability Projects have been substantially completed. The Interstate Reliability Projects are in the engineering and permitting phase. 

Local Project Office Support

POWER established a NEEWS project office to handle overall program management as well as engineering and construction coordination. The office is located about 35 miles southwest of downtown Boston in close proximity to most project locations. POWER’s Program Management team as well as National Grid’s key program personnel operate from this office.  As part of the Program Management functions, POWER is providing program level scheduling and progress reporting, project controls, and construction monitoring through its POWER Program Management (PPM) system. The POWER team is also providing support for the environmental and permitting efforts as well as the Public Involvement activities.