Paiton Energy, 800 MW Paiton III, OE Services, Indonesia

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Client: Paiton Energy
Location: Indonesia

Paiton III is an 800 MW plant burning a subbituminous, low ash, low sulfur Indonesian fuel. The unit is an addition to an existing plant and will share much of its infrastructure, such as the seawater intake and discharge canals, as well as parts of the existing coal and ash handling systems. Although the plant burns very low sulfur fuel, flue gas desulfurization is necessary to meet ambient concentration limits. Due to the proximity of seawater and a lack of space for lime handling and disposal, the project will use a seawater scrubber for desulfurization.

As the Owner’s Engineer, POWER established the plant’s capacity and margin criteria; developed the basic plant layout and systems configuration. Our team also prepared the detailed technical requirements section of an EPC contract and scope negotiations are underway with the EPC contractor. We provided technical support to the owner in PPA development, environmental permitting and project financing.