Petrochemical Refinery Substation Replacement: Physical and Electrical Design, Procurement Services, and On-Site Construction Support

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Location: Western US

This client retained POWER to replace an aging substation at its western US refinery. The project’s scope included four parts:

POWER’s scope of services included the physical and electrical design of the substations, all civil and structural design for the transmission lines, design of the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, design of the 115 kV double circuit transmission line, design and modifications for the conductors to the 12.5 kV distribution line, procurement services for the required equipment and providing senior engineers on-site for construction support.

The existing substation supplied power to one portion of the refinery and the new substation was designed to provide power to the same portion of the refinery as well as another substation. The project included the design and construction of a new 115 kV/12 kV GIS substation, including the extension/design of 115 kV transmission lines, new 12 kV switchgear, new feeders; the relocation/dismantling of existing refinery facilities to prepare site for new substation; and the installation of metering and control equipment compatible with future electrical management systems (EMS). The 12.5 kV feeder tie-ins to the existing refinery distribution system were accomplished with minimal outages and down time due to the critical nature of the load. POWER developed detailed construction sequencing to allow for a safe transition from the new source to the existing feeder tie-in locations to minimize outages and impacts to the refinery operation.