Renewable Resource Group, Solar Sites Evaluation, LGIRs and SGIRs, California
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Client: Renewable Resource Group
Location: California, USA

POWER Engineers was contracted by Renewable Resource Group (RRG) to perform an evaluation of two large (500 MW) potential solar sites. The environmental feasibility analysis included an evaluation of threatened and endangered biological species, a cultural resource records search, and wetlands and drainages. POWER Engineers’ environmental staff worked in close coordination with our renewable energy resource engineering team to determine a preliminary solar panel layout for the sites. A seasonal shade analysis and simulated sunlight analysis for each site was also performed.

POWER Engineers also provided engineering to support RRG’s Large Generator Interconnection Requests (LGIRs) and Small Generator Interconnection Requests (SGIRs) applications to California Independent System Operator (CAISO) for several photovoltaic sites. POWER Engineers delivered the engineering required to prepare applications, one-line diagrams, interconnection substation design, primary site layout designs, tie-line support/modeling, and one line diagrams/modeling. POWER Engineers also produced details for the various interconnection arrangements from the solar panels to the inverters and finally to the utility point of connection.

Also included in the scope of work was load flow studies for several potential sites to ascertain line loading prior to interconnection studies.