Complete Design Services for Greenfield Food-Grade Starch Processing Facility

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Location: Midwestern US

This $10 million project was for the construction of a greenfield food-grade starch processing facility.  POWER managed all design aspects of the project which included site work, building design, storm and sanitary sewer design, process/packaging design and electrical design.  POWER was responsible for coordinating with all regulatory agencies and jurisdictions, including local and state code authorities, insurance companies, and food regulatory agencies.  POWER developed project documents and architectural renderings and presented the project information at a public hearing meeting.  Additionally, POWER developed drawings and bid packages portraying the work scope for multiple construction disciplines, including general construction, electrical, mechanical and plumbing, and process equipment and piping.  POWER submitted all plan approval documents and facilitated the building permit process.  POWER also provided construction management services and assisted with the commissioning and start-up of the new facility.  The plant was designed to allow the plant to double in size in the future, and three years later, POWER completed the design to do just that.  This was accomplished at a significant savings due to the prior planning and design.