USTDA ADEREE 5 MW Solar PV Power Plant
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Client: U.S. Trade and Development Agency
Location: Essaouria, Morocco

POWER is providing a technical assistance study for the 5MW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Pilot Power Plant in Essaouira, Morocco. This study will provide the government of Morocco with key technical, financial and developmental information to further its goal of installing 2 GW of solar PV resources in Morocco by 2020. The project is funded through a USTDA grant awarded to the government of Morocco.

POWER is developing a detailed study which incorporates knowledge of renewable energy technologies, transmission and distribution systems, interconnect requirements, procurement, and EPC contracting, along with local culture, codes, standards and services capabilities. A component of the study includes fee structures for electricity sales, operation and maintenance costs. POWER’s subcontractors will provide the Government of Morocco with alternative financing, tariff and regulatory recommendations that fit within the country’s legal framework.

Initially, POWER will evaluate suitability for the initial solar PV collection site including preparing reports addressing the location’s adaptability to solar PV technology. POWER will then evaluate the existing electrical system infrastructure and perform system studies to evaluate grid code requirements. Design specifications and necessary installation, operation and maintenance procedures, based on permitting and regulatory requirements, will be provided. Solar PV technology selection and procurement of equipment and material are components of the final study. POWER’s preliminary design documents will serve as a model for future solar project plans within Morocco.