Veteran’s Administration Building Renovation

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As part of its joint venture with Enginuity, POWER is currently providing design services for the VA American Lake Building 18 renovation in support of the larger Building 81 Replacement project. The Building 81 Replacement project aims to increase inpatient bed gap and further support a VA/DOD Joint Incentive Fund Proposal for a new Consolidated Cardio-Thoracic Program at Seattle. Infrastructure improvements around the American Lake site will be completed, as part of this effort, to enhance the energy savings programs. The renovation of Building 18 was identified as a necessary infrastructure improvement needed for the successful execution of the Building 81 project.

POWER is providing architectural design services required for the renovation of an approximately 19,181 square-foot building to accommodate facilities management service offices, maintenance and operations workshops and storage areas, construction section offices, and engineering space. Design work included:

POWER worked with the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP), to ensure all of Building 18’s historical features and exterior finishes matched the existing portions of the building. The renovation is on track to achieve LEED Silver certification.