Working Effectively with the Public and Agencies

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Sharing program information and data among all stakeholders efficiently and in real-time is our priority. We facilitate this, from an overarching standpoint, by preparing the Communication Plan. For sharing consistent, day-to-day information and reporting throughout the program, we utilize our web-based business intelligence tool, POWER360® , discussed elsewhere. This provides a role-based, single-point of access for the management and execution of engineering, construction and maintenance activities.

Public Agency Coordination

We take a proactive approach, engaging public agencies from the start to identify their issues and develop resolutions for those issues. With this collaborative strategy, we can successfully take the lead in coordinating, planning, and implementing how the program management team and the program owner will interface with the numerous federal, state, and local agencies involved with the program.

Public Involvement

Lack of agreement and cooperation from the affected public can stop a program dead. We develop a Public Involvement Plan that provides guidance and insight relative to community impacts and mitigation approaches. We also offer implementation approaches to be used at various phases of the project and the methods of communications and protocols for specific types of project communications. POWER360 can facilitate the public involvement process by allowing public comments to be posted and coordinated throughout every project phase.

Environmental & Permitting

Getting through environmental hurdles and permitting mazes becomes more and more difficult. For this phase it is important to identify and outline requirements and processes related to the environmental permitting process including siting and routing impact studies, environmental mitigation measures and biological and cultural studies. We also address the environmental compliance monitoring process that will be used during construction activities.

Right of Way Acquisition

Our effective Right of Way Acquisition Management Plan identifies how to purchase temporary, permanent and/or fee easements along the program right of way or site area.  At this stage, we can use POWER360 to track the status of every easement, right of entry, lien and condemnation.