White Papers

An Introduction to Completing a NERC PRC-019 Study for Traditional and Distributed Generation Sources

By Matthew Manley and Tony Limon, POWER Engineers, Inc.


NERC PRC standards have been implemented as a comprehensive plan to increase basic utility reliability in response to the 2003 Northeast United States blackout. The intent of PRC-019 is to verify regulating controls, limiters, equipment capabilities, and protection controls installed at generation facilities are appropriately coordinated as to not exacerbate power grid conditions during a system disturbance. PRC-019 provides fairly explicit guidance for what is expected to show compliance for synchronous generation facilities. What is not well known is how PRC-019 applies to distributed generation resources and what is expected for these facilities to show compliance. This paper describes the approach, challenges, and lessons learned from performing NERC PRC-019 studies of both typical synchronous generators and distributed generation resources. Both the commonalities and variances of generation facilities are highlighted to provide the connecting link between what is explicitly stated in PRC-019 requirements and what is commonly expected by compliance authorities. While the interpretation for what is necessary to demonstrate compliance can vary between reliability coordinators; this paper provides examples of proven compliance documentation for a recent PRC-019 wind farm study.

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