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Many Paths, Same Goal – A Comparative Study of How Indonesia, Kenya and Turkey Harness their Indigenous Geothermal Resources

By: Kevin Wallace, Chun Chin and William Harvey; POWER Engineers

Indonesia, Kenya and Turkey led the world in 2016 with geothermal capacity additions. Endowed with abundant and energetic geothermal resources, they are models of prodigious advances of development for electricity generation. Each country strives to exploit this indigenous resource in its own ways to spur economic development benefiting its people and environment. How do they achieve this progress? Using unique combinations of national and international incentives, regulatory streamlining, contracting and financing methods, and other strategies (some more successful than others), significant progress is being made by each country. This paper highlights some of the similarities, compares the different approaches, and offers insight into how these countries were able to make these remarkable increases in their total generation, improving their world standing on the geothermal stage and contributing to growing the total geothermal power generation market capacity.

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