White Papers

Physical and Electrical Effects to Nearby Facilities When Applying Dynamic Line Ratings to Transmission Lines

Co-authored by Rob Schaerer


Applying dynamic line ratings (DLR) to an existing transmission line can have various effects on nearby facilities. These changes are largely due to the change in the line currents, but also due to the increased sag. This paper discusses generally what DLR is and the physical effects on the line itself. Further discussion includes impacts on adjacent facilities, both physical and electrical, as well as the relative amount of influence. This discussion provides practical information and items to consider for entities looking at applying DLR to an existing transmission line, even if no physical changes are made to the conductors or nearby structures. Similar impacts are present for any uprating of a transmission line. In addition, the paper provides insights to regulating entities to develop necessary standards for DLR implementation or update existing standards, in order to maintain safety to the public and ensure nearby facilities are not compromised.

This paper was presented at the 2017 CIGRE Grid of the Future Conference.

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