White Papers

Power Plant Rehabilitation and Modernization in Myanmar

By Royal Daniel, Pinkanate Lumlertprasert, Siwarut Suwanlapaporn, and Kasem Naknual; POWER Engineers Asia


In providing reliable electric power Myanmar committed to the use of Thermal Power Plants to meet the base load generation requirements. Hydro Generation Plants due to their seasonality power production are to be used for Peak Load Generation. To increase Thermal Power Plant capacity and reliability, new capacity is being added but it is not sufficient to meet the current demand during the dry-season. Power Plant Rehabilitation and Modernization (“PP R&M”) is being applied to create a greater generation contribution from the existing Thermal Power Plants. In July 2012, refurbishment of a combined cycle unit at Ywama was awarded by Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (“MEPE”). In August 2013, the overhaul and upgrade of three (3) GE Frame 6B units was awarded. The methodology of PP R&M in the context of Myanmar is presented herein.

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